Another Not-on-a-Friday Update

Alright, this post should finish this game of catch-up so I can finally maintain a weekly Harmonia blog. If I miss a future Friday post for whatever reason, it's because I'm too busy putting in awesome stuff. And if a blog post doesn't seem awesome enough, it's because there was so much awesome that I couldn't remember it all. That's a lotta awesome.

First and foremost, my video editing skills have gained a few levels, and there's now a basic promotional video! Huzzah:

Now we're one step closer to the perpetually-in-progress Kickstarter page. Fund-raising is serious business, so it should be done right from day one. Hopefully this is good enough? Still more to do, as always, but not much more.

Development-wise, the focus has still been on Harmonia's graphics engine, although that's about where it needs to be. It finally mipmaps and uses linear interpolation to properly smooth textures out. Shaders are in, which opens up possibilities for some neat effects. For instance, the viewable map now fades at the edges:

...and here's me just messing around, set to the absolute worst music on my hard drive :D Thanks, Hindemith!

With help from Harmonia team member Miles, we've got a better 32x32 tileset to work from. Although not complete, there are a bunch of new tiles, including a hilariously ornate oriental carpet texture. Something about this carpet seems out of place in this castle, but it really ties the room together:

Castle Map

In gameplay news, the server now barely communicates with the client to let you play the game with the new 3D map. It's buggy as hell and a work-in-progress, so expect more detail on that next week, as well as details regarding the upcoming sprite engine.

Time to get some food before everything closes for the evening. Until Friday!

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