Harmonia 0.0.1 released! (Windows, Linux)

This wikilog article is a draft, it was not published yet.

After a period of binge coding and severe headaches compiling Windows applications under Linux (it's possible, but some terrifying black magic), the first public build of the new client is online! Grab it here on the download page:

[Play Harmonia 0.0.1 (Windows / Linux) - Development Build]

The hope is that this will become a weekly thing as the Kickstarter campaign goes. Incidentally, I need your help! It turns out I'm not the best promoter in the world, which I'm fine with as a character trait, but I care quite a bit about making this project happen for reals. There's a lot of potential here, and I want to see this thing through.

If you want to support Harmonia, the best way you can help is not to donate, but rather to let everybody know that this project exists! Everything's come extremely far, and I honestly feel this project deserves funding. Let's make it happen!

Until next time, I'll be spreading the good word all over the Internets.

-- Synival

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