Harmonia Classic, prepping for launch!

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That's a wrap! ...enough.

Party of five fighting against some slimes

As a tiny game development studio - essentially two people - it's always a relief when we can mark something as *DONE* and cross it off our gargantuan TO-DO list. If I were to accumulate a list of daily tasks off the top of my head, it would be: coding, play-testing, designing artwork, blogging, website development, social media stuff (Twitter, Facebook, etc), network administration, and probably a lot more I'm forgetting. This is a massive workload, so having Harmonia Classic off our minds will be a huge relief.

The problem with Harmonia Classic is that it's a project that can never truly be completed. By design, it needs to be regularly maintained and actively staffed. It needs an overwhelming amount of content, much more than we can produce in addition to our current game development routine. It needs a forum, with moderators, and community managers. So we're more than comfortable with sending it out into the wild for other people to play around with :)

Where can I play it?

Harmonia Game Engine
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