Harmonia Classic - Download now, or play online!

Harmonia Classic v0.1rc2 is now available for download! :D

Here's the link!

This link will connect you online via the Java Telnet Application. Honestly, though, it's not the best option for compatibility, so if I were you, I would download PuTTY and connect manually to the address listed below the applet. If you'd like to play the game single player, you might prefer downloading it and running your own server.

This build is far from finished, hence the v0.1, so consider this the first of many work-in-progress public builds before the "finished" version :) However, now that this is finally out publicly, we're anxious to get back to working on "real" Harmonia, so don't expect much Harmonia Classic news for a while!

Anybody who has the interest is welcome to play around with the script files located in the "scripts" folder. You are of course welcome to host your own server, as well - if you do, please send me a link ;)

Enjoy! :D
-- Simon (Synival) - simon@baroque-creations.com

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