How does this work again...?

For several months now, May 1st has been circled in my mental calendar as the day to crawl out of my e-cave and resume this blog. A severe drought of Internet connectivity at home has thrown off that schedule, but that's resolved now! Well, sort of - it's basically being held together by duct tape and a lot of hope.

Regardless, there's a lot of new stuff to talk about, so here's what comes to mind right now:

Programming Stuff

It's a pretty exciting phase of development right now. For a long time, work has been client-side only - the UI, graphics engine upgrades, camera stuff, etc. A lot of that is done now, so the work has shifted back to the server, which is progressing a lot quicker than expected :) Most of the infrastructure is in place, which means we can start focusing on cool stuff like fancy combat effects, more music, more sprites, nice-looking inventory menus... Real game stuff!

Here's the latest video, showing some basic connectivity with the server. We've improved things quite a lot since this video, which will be posted here as soon as it's nice and polished :)

We've also been playing around with a lot of gameplay concepts. Here's an RTS-style combat interface:

Important Stuff

We're starting a lot of website development and drafting some long-term plans and budgets for Harmonia. I can't say much right now, but we have some exciting plans for late Summer and early Fall.

That's it for now. More later! :)

-- Synival

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