Mac OSX Build, and we have a staff!

Just released the latest development build, with support for Mac OSX! :D From the Download page:

Harmonia v0.0.2 pre2

  • Mac OSX (10.6+): Link
  • Windows/Linux: Link


  • 3D Map Viewer Feature
  • Resize features for Windows build
  • Windows mouse cursor changes for moving/resizing windows.
  • Improved logging for error detection.
  • Internal code reworking for compatibility and stability.
  • Program icon for Windows build.
  • Version displayed in the corner.

We have a staff now!

It's not finalized yet, but the team has now grown to five members, including two artists and someone dedicated to promotion full-time while the Kickstarter is underway. Pretty exciting stuff! Stay tuned for some exciting new stuff in the future.

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