More Maps, Kickstarter, New Logo

Oof, it's been a busy week. Mostly under-the-hood stuff with the rendering engine, but it's shaping into a powerful little tool for easy map-making. Lots of bug fixes, speed improvements, restructuring, and a few significant enhancements.

Getting down to business (literally), I'm nearly ready to launch this project's Kickstarter page! When this thing goes live, it will be a mad dash to raise funds for 30 solid days, which sounds like the exact opposite of fun. Follow this blog to stay posted, and please, help spread the word so people know we exist! The larger the following this project has, the more likely it is to be successfully funded.

Here's a preview of the page's logo:

New Kickstarter Logo

To keep the nostalgia going, I've added an ASCII mode, and a Data mode to view raw map data, which is handy for editing. Here's a video demonstrating the two new modes, and some wandering footage of the newly converted Forest Maze zone:

Okay, time for a rendering screenshot. Wall tiles now have actual walls, and it is pretty. Let's follow the journey of one humble map script into a client-side 3D render:

Rendering Development Progression

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