That's a Wrap!

We'll be releasing a thorough postmortem on our Kickstarter experience as well as future plans on here our dev blog. We want to keep you in the loop, and this is the place to follow all future development of Harmonia from now on, including articles, videos, screenshots, downloads, etc:

You guys are awesome.

First off, I want to thank all of our backers for their support. When full-time development on Harmonia began back in May, we had a lot of questions and a lot of doubts, but it ultimately came down do a choice: to make something happen, or to do nothing. Our decision has always been to act and to move forward, and it always turned out to be the right choice - and it's still the right choice. We've seen a lot of genuine enthusiasm for Harmonia, and all of your support, feedback, bug reports, and well-wishes have encouraged us to keep pressing on. Rocky Balboa-style, we went the distance in these last 30 days, and we'll be popping the Champagne cork to celebrate momentarily :)

To be continued... or, WE AREN'T DEAD

After a short rest to recover from our 14-hour-a-day work cycle marathon bonanza, development of Harmonia will continue! Nearly everyone that saw our project loved it, and now that people know we're out there, we're going to start planning for round two, wiser and better prepared. We still believe in what we're doing over here, and this Kickstarter was just one battle in a long war. Our eye is still on the prize!

So, in what capacity is work going to continue? We naturally can't maintain our previous level of development with no funding, but we'll chip in at least two hours a day of steady work while we plan for Harmonia's future. There are a lot of ideas and plans on the table, including funding alternatives, and we're still hammering out the details. Once we've taken a step back to breathe, re-evaluate, and regroup, we'll get back to work, starting with a postmortem on this whole experience on our blog, as well as a solid plan for Harmonia's future.

Follow future development for Harmonia

We're going to resume regular Friday blog updates like we did before the Kickstarter began. From here, you'll be able to see our latest development screenshots, downloads, articles, news updates, etc.

You can also follow our video updates and sporadic news on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter

And we're off!

As of this moment, I can stop shilling for Harmonia every waking hour of the day, and I'm really looking forward to it :) Developing games is great fun, but spamming the Internet with Kickstarter links is significantly less. So farewell for now, and please follow our blog for future updates every week on Friday. Cheers, and until then!

-- Simon

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