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Fledging studio Baroque Creations is looking for an artist to assist with Harmonia, our game currently on Kickstarter. Here is our ad as presented on /r/gamedevclassifieds:

Project Links

All information about Harmonia is available on these various websites:

About Us

Baroque Creations is currently a two-person operation: me (developer, project manager, promoter) and my partner (server administrator, web developer) who is currently working only on occasion. All of our time thus far has been unpaid as we get the studio off the ground. I am an American currently living in Berlin, Germany, so all efforts are coordinated online.

We're both laid back and casual personally, but we take this project seriously and manage it in a professional manner. Baroque Creations is looking for friendly, confident team members who aren't afraid to work a little overtime in order to meet deadlines and keep the project on track.

Game Pitch

"Harmonia is an online fusion of Tactical RPGs (Shining Force), Roguelikes, and text-based MUDs. The game will play like a combination of an RTS and MMO - you command a small band of heroes to form a large force with other players, then go on quests to face-off against huge armies. Rewards for completing quests include access to new character classes, races, abilities, and flair for your army.

"It's also an engine where you can modify anything in the game's scripting environment, create new content, and host your own server for others to play. Upon release, the server and all of the game's assets will be open for editing."

Art Style

We'd like the game to draw its aesthetic from Shining Force III for Sega Saturn, but other concepts in the fantasy vein are welcome. Here are some examples:


This project is currently in full development. Artists are expected to work in a professional manner, remain dedicated to their work throughout the entire development cycle, provide time estimates for their work, and meet deadlines for the assets they produce.

We need artists for one or more of the following:

  • Presentable art for the Kickstarter Campaign produced by August 24th
  • New logo
  • Several animated sprite sheets
  • Tilesets (current sample)
  • Character designs
  • Concept art


All projects for *Baroque Creations* are currently on a volunteer basis; however, if this project gets the necessary funding, this will be a paid position. Harmonia will have a total art budget of $4,000. Please submit your rates for completed assets.


A major part of Harmonia's model relies on game assets being open and free for modification. This means all assets produced for playable, in-game content must be in the public domain or free for modification. However, ownership for concept art and other material that isn't used in-game is not subject to this.


No formal experience required. However, you must have samples of your work to present.

How to Apply

Please submit prepared samples of your art as well as your work history in formal, personal, or otherwise casual projects. For each piece of art submitted, provide a rate for similar work and an estimated time of completion.

Please send your application by email to: simon@simonbielman.com

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me directly, post in this thread, or send me a personal message.


-- Simon Bielman (Synival)

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